About Us

In 1932 E. Ward King saw the need for a quality freight service between the North and South.  Using the famous Mason-Dixon Line, which divided the North and South as inspiration, he named his company The Mason and Dixon Lines, Inc.  Knowing his trucks would be linking the freight markets of the North and South, he looked for a symbol of leadership that would tie the two sections of the country together.  What better symbol than Generals Grant and Lee shaking hands.

The Mason and Dixon Lines, Inc. is headquartered in Warren, Michigan, serving the expanded market of the United States, Mexico and Canada through more than 200 agent offices supporting 800 owner-operator trucks. Services include flatbed, van and container.

Mason Dixon is a subsidiary of Universal Truckload Services, Inc (NASDAQ - UACL). Our headquarters and our corporate and administrative functions are located
in Warren, MI.